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30CrMo Steel Equivalent, Chemical Composition, Mechanical 38crsi

30CrMo Steel. 30CrMo steel is a Chinese alloy steel for engineering and machine structural use, has high strength and high toughness, and has good high temperature strength at temperatures below 500 °C. 30CrMo material also has good machinability, medium cold bending and plasticity, high hardenability, good weldability, and is generally used in the adjusted state.38ChS, 38HS, 38KhS, 37HS - structural steelHot-rolled, calibrated round bars, forged bars and forgings in grade 37HS, 38ChS, 38HS, 38KhS for machine and construction parts acc. to PN-72 H-84030.

38CrSi GB : Total Materia

38CrSi, GB, GB T 3077, Alloy structure steels, GB T 8162, Seamless steel tubes for structural purposes, GB T 3078, Quality structural steel cold drawn bars38CrSi GB : Total Materia38CrSi, GB, GB T 3077, Alloy structure steels, GB T 8162, Seamless steel tubes for structural purposes, GB T 3078, Quality structural steel cold drawn bars38CrSi_< h2>Translate this page


An investigation on mass loss of ogival projectiles 38crsi

Aug 01, 2011 · Projectiles with a diameter of 12.6 mm, a shank length of 34 mm and a nose shape of 2 CRH (caliber-radius-head) were manufactured by 38CrSi steel and heat treated to a hardness of Rc 42, as shown in Fig. 2a. All concrete specimens (Fig. 2b) in this series of penetration experiments were conducted in a small concrete mixer.For each mix, a brick of 360 × 360 × 400 mm 3 used for Author Hepeng Zhang, Zhongyi Cai, Zhandong Wan, Peng Peng, Hongqiang Zhang, Rujian Sun, Zhigang Che, Chao G 38crsiDatasheet for Steel Grades Structure Steel 38CrSi38CrSi Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, Heat Treatment, 38CrSi Datasheets, 38CrSiSupplier Author Pan Bao - [email protected] Subject 38CrSi Datasheets Keywords 38CrSi Chemical composition, 38CrSi mechanical properties, heat treatment, 38CrSi Datasheets, 38CrSi Supplier TCPDF Created Date 9 3 2020 6:13:50 PMAuthor Yanjun Hou, Wentian Shi, Qiangqiang Li, Yude Liu, Guoliang Han38CrSi Steel Chemical composition, Metal Properties 38crsi38CrSi can be supplied as steel plate sheet, round steel bar, steel tube pipe, steel stripe, steel billet, steel ingot, steel wire rods. electroslag, forged ring block,etc. TEL:+86


initial tissue of 38CrSi alloyed steel was mixture of acicular ferrite with 0.5-10 m width and 2-20 m length and cementite grains distributed irregularly on ferrites. Fig. 2 shows typical dark-field image and corre-sponding SAED pattern of the top surface layer of the sample after 60 s treatment. It is clear that mi-CiteSeerX Short Communication 38CrSi Corrosive Fatigue 38crsiCiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda) By various polarization potentials the corrosion fatigue crack propagation (CFCP) behavior of 38CrSi was investigated. It was found that the CFCP life decreases under the intense cathode polarization potentials and anodic polarization potentials. However, the CFCP life increases by cathode polarization potentials 38crsiEffect of Heat Treatments on the Mechanical and 38crsiIn 38CrSi, the corrosion rate decreases as compared to the as-received sample from 0.515 to 0.486 mpy in quenching and tempering heat treatment, while in AISI 4140 steel the corrosion rate 38crsi

Effect of Heat Treatments on the Mechanical and 38crsi

In 38CrSi, the corrosion rate decreases as compared to the as-received sample from 0.515 to 0.486 mpy in quenching and tempering heat treatment, while in AISI 4140 steel the corrosion rate 38crsiEffect of microstructural transformation during tempering 38crsiThe investigation was conducted to explore the hidden potential of 38CrSi steel under various tempering temperatures to widen its field of applications. The current work is mainly concerned to appraise the impact of microstructural transformation occurred during tempering on the mechanical properties of 38CrSi steel. Light optical and scanning electron microscopy validated the presence of 38crsiExperimental research on micro-cutting wear of 38CrSi 38crsiApr 16, 2020 · A comparative study was carried out on the wear of 38CrSi high-alloy steel using TiCrAlN- and TiAlN-coated tools. The presence of elemental Cr in the TiCrAlN coating resulted in formation of a CrO film on the tool, which provided a lower friction coefficient. This also mitigated transfer of cutting heat to the tool substrate and inhibited 38crsi

Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructured Surface 38crsi

A nanocrystalline surface layer was fabricated on a 38CrSi Steel with tempered sorbite structure by using Supersonic Fine Particles Bombarding (SFPB). The microstructural evolution of SFPB-treated specimens under different processing conditions was characterized by using X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron 38crsiGB T 8162 10 Seamless Steel Tubes for Structural Purposes 38crsiThe full-length straightness of the steel pipe should not exceed 0.15% of the total length. GB T 8162 specifies the order content, size, shape, weight, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking and quality certificate of seamless steel pipes for structural use.Mechanical properties of nanostructured surface layer in 38crsiA nanocrystalline surface layer of about 25 m thickness was fabricated on a quenched and tempered 38CrSi alloy steel by using supersonic fine particles bombarding (SFPB) technique.

Microstructure and mechanical properties of laser shock 38crsi

Jun 24, 2020 · 38CrSi steel is widely used for vehicle transmission systems due to its high strength, outstanding toughness and wear resistance. However, structure parts manufactured by 38CrSi steel are frequently subjected to complex loads such as vehicle weight, impact load, friction and wear, which lead to micro-cracks, micro-fracture and the unexpected 38crsiShort Communication 38CrSi Corrosive Fatigue Crack 38crsi38CrSi steel has high strength, high tenacity and weld property, which was used in amphibious vehicle extensively. But the corrosion fatigue life of 38CrSi in sea water environment was shorter than in air[1-5]. The life of CFCP was 90% of total corrosion fatigue life [6-7]. So it is important to investigate the CFCP of 38CrSi.Steel Grades - SAE AISI 1010 1015 1020 1025 1045 1018 SAE AISI 1010,1015,1020,1025,1045,1018,1117,1035,1040,1050,1215,4140,4150

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